In Loving Memory

Rito Flores Gomez Jr.

10/15/1965 - 04/21/2019

Our family has suffered a great loss on Sunday, April 21, 2019.  

Services for Rito Gomez Jr are as follows:
Viewing on Monday, April 29th at Mt. Olivet at 2301 N Sylvania in Fort Worth, TX
Rosary on Monday, Aptil 29th at 6pm at Mt Olivet Chapel
Mass on Tuesday, April 30th, at 2pm at St Mary's of Assumption
Burial will follow the Mass on Tuesday April 30th at Mt. Olivet at 2301 N Sylvania in Fort Worth, TX

His life

Rito Jr is preceded in death by his father, Rito Serrano Gomez (Sep 18 1939 - Sep 13 1982).

Rito Jr is survived by his son, Christopher James Rangel, mother, Esbelda Flores Gomez, sisters, Lucy Govea and Lydia Gomez Martinez, brother, Jesse Gomez, and cat, Morris.

Rito Jr was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Diamond Hill Jarvis High School 1984.
Occupations: Fort Worth Water department

Photo Album: Younger Years

Photo Album: His Family

Photo Album: Traveling

Photo Album: Ama's new house

Photo Album: His Pets

Photo Album: A Year within

Photo Album: His car

Poem for my brother

You left without Warning.
Gone so fast.
Now all we have
Are memories
Of our past.

You are loved by so many.
You might not
Have known,
But in our hearts
Is where
You have grown.

The memories
I have throughout
The years
Will last
forever with
Laughter and tears.

We shared our
Since I was five.
My wish now will be
To have you back healthy
And alive.

I will miss you
Oh so much.
So will all
The lives that
You have

I can't say goodbye.
I can't accept
Your death.
You will live in my heart
Until my last breath.

Poem credit by Shelly Domenici

Thank you for your presence in honoring our Uncle and my mothers brother
-Love Govea Family