In Loving Memory

Rito Flores Gomez Jr.

10/15/1965 - 04/21/2019

Photo album sharing the life of Rito with family and friends remembering the good times. please allow time for photos to download

Walking down memory lane

Camping trips

Benbrook camping

Playing toss the ring, in 2006 camping trip.

Rito, lex, oliva, michael, lydia.2006

Rito chopping up wood for the grill.2006


Coaching Joey how to swing. 2006

batter up!2006

2006 camping trip, playing baseball with family.

Mercy, Oliva, Rito and Joey playing baseball, camping trip 2006


lydia, oliva, joey, rito playing baseball, camping trip 2006.

3 day camping trip september 29-oct 1st.

same camping trip september 29-oct 1st. Rito and Joey.

Trip down South