In Loving Memory

Rito Flores Gomez Jr.

10/15/1965 - 04/21/2019

Photo album sharing the life of Rito with family and friends remembering the good times. please allow time for photos to download

Walking down memory lane

His family.

buying a Pianta for Chris

During one of chris birthday party that lydia did for him

Chris and rito on easter

Rito and Chirs

Rito, Chris, Lucy, Rosann, Roxann.

Cook out

working on his shed. March 7,2005

taking a brake from working on his shed. March 7, 2005

Joey and Rito, March 14,2005.

Rito 3/14/05.

Lydia and Rito. 3/14/05.

Rito with Joey and Michael 3/14/05.

Rito and Rachel with pup. 3/14/05

Rito and pup. 3/14/05.