Galo Hernadez

In Loving Memory

10/16/1916 - 06/12/2006


Parents: Mother Sapopa Moncada Adames & Father Espiriyon De la Cruz Survived by Spouse: Santos Hernandez Brother: Raul Hernandez Children: Alicia Govea, Esperanza Vera, Consuelo Rios, Maria Luisa Roque, Juan Hernandez and Ramon Hernandez Born in San Juan de Allende, Nuevo Leon. Occupations: migrant worker, restaurant employee, painter He also had 33 grandchildren, 70 great grandchildren and 17 great-great grandchildren from his first spouse Lorenza Crescencia Lopez Hernandez Galo's hobbies included caring for God's earth and helping nurture the plants and flowers. Music and dancing were his joys. The laughter from his children and grandchildren brought a smile to his face every time. Believe that tomorrow could be better than today, That you'll get a second chance, That you'll make a difference, That you matter, Thank you for your presence in honoring our Father, and Grandfather.


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